Keith A Jessop

Screenwriter, artist, dreamer

Sunday Papers


A guy suddenly starts having his Sunday paper delivered on a Saturday. Yes, he gets tomorrow's news today. At first he thinks someone's playing an elaborate hoax, but he quickly realises that he really is getting the news stories before they happen. He realises that he could quite easily pick the winning lottery numbers but he's left it too late. The following weekend is a long time coming. When Saturday rolls up, he's on high alert but fails to see who it is who has delivered the mysterious paper.


Now he has his chance; buys just one lottery ticket and waits for the results on TV. But wait; what else could he do with the knowledge he has in his paper? How many lives could he save? How could he make anyone believe him?



Set in a future where all natural causes of death have been eliminated. In a cryogenic facility, the time has come to resurrect a number of stored heads which have been on ice for more than a century. The only way to acquire a fresh body for the transplant is to hire a contract killer.



The story of Mr Nice Guy and Mr Nasty. They both end up in hospital for different reasons. Mr Nasty doesn't make it and his heart is transplanted into Mr Nice Guy, who really needs it.


Over time, Mr Nice Guy's personality is taken over by that of the departed Mr Nasty.

Dream for Real


The story of a man who finds it increasingly difficult to differentiate between his dreams and reality. The apparent disturbing behaviour of his wife and kids further blurs the line and he distrusts everyone around him. But who is the real monster in this tale?

Ghost Diving


A hardy ship's captain abandons his crew while his ship founders on the roacks. The ship sinks and all hands are lost. Decades later, during a scuba dive on the wreck, one diver becomes trapped. Subsequent efforts to rescue him fail and when others attempt to help they discover that the diver has vanished. He reappears some days later with a horrific tale to tell.

Girl on a Phone

A successful young couple start receiving mysterious messages on their answer-phone. The girl on the other end seems to know a lot about them, but they don't know who she is or how to contact her. The messages come thick and fast, driving the couple to despair. When the mystery caller makes herself known, things really go from bad to worse.

The never ending list :: In progress

Getting started is the easy bit...


Having so many ideas is great. Getting them all on the page in their entirety is something quite different. These are some of the ideas I've had and started. One day I'll get around to finishing some of them, but the new ideas keep coming and slowing down my progress. Oh, for more hours in the day...