Completed Scripts

Keith A Jessop

Screenwriter, artist, dreamer

What's Dead?


When you're seven, the world can be a scary place...


Michael is seven and he wants to know what "dead" is. Over the coming days he has more encounters with death than he deserves.


The End of the Road

An eclectic mix of travellers, from bank robbers to truckers, find themselves in a mysterious motel during a storm...


A treacherous storm on a busy motorway at night. Add a number of travellers who are all in a hurry and you have a recipe for calamity. They end up at the strange "End of the Road" motel and find out more about themselves than they really wanted to.

Oh, Hell


He was a little early...


Peter arrives in hell unexpectedly and he is mightily cross about it. The Devil himself is none too pleased at Peter's presence. They strike a deal which involves Peter returning to the land of the living in order to set things straight. He fails spectacularly.


Ready to view :: Finished scripts (for now)

I need to leave these alone


There comes a point when you have to decide to put a script down and leave well alone. Finished? Maybe. Ready for the world? Perhaps. Perfect? Never. Here are a few of mine that I need to set aside for a while. I may pick them up again in the future, play with them a while, see what happens - but for now they're on the shelf marked "leave me alone and go do something else". If you feel like you'd like to read one, drop me a line.