Keith A Jessop

Screenwriter, artist, dreamer

A mind of his own


I start every day with a head full of images and ideas...


Some days it takes me an hour or so (and a few coffees) to extricate all of the stuff from my head and make it semi-coherent.


I don't do happy endings


Hollywood has more happy endings than any optimist could ever need, but real life isn't like that. Real life sucks. In the real world, things happen for no apparent reason and people get hurt. I want my stories to be believable.

What do you see?


Most people walk through life and see nothing...


I walk through my life and everything is a wonder. I imagine all the time "what if?" "why is that?"


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My life right now


Happily married and living in a tiny village close to the East Yorkshire coast. Two adult children, one daugther in primary school and a son who is home educated. My beautiful wife is a Primary School Deputy Head Teacher. I'm fortunate to be allowed to be a stay-at-home dad and I'm kept company during the day by our two dogs and five cats.


This is me :: What you see is what you get