Keith A Jessop

Screenwriter, artist, dreamer

September Sunrise (2013) Taken during an early morning walk with my dogs, Pepper and Millie

Come in to my world :: Share the dreams

I set before you the landscape of my mind...

The curse of a vivid mind


Technicolour dreams. I've always had them, as far back as I can remember. Full-on surround-sound, 3D glasses not required, this is my mind-world. Writing is my way of emptying my mind of all the movies that play out there. I've written masses of poetry, dozens of short stories and even tried a couple of novels. But it's screenplays that really allow me to get my images onto the page.

Even for nothing


I love writing. I have to write. I would do it for nothing (actually, I am at the moment). If you are a true writer, you'd do it whatever the cost. Finding time to write in my busy life is difficult but that's the issue - no matter how full your life is, the are always a few moments in it for you to write a line or two.


My darling wife supports my writing fully and totally understands why I need to do it. Last Christmas she bought me a Chromebook and I have to say it is my most prized piece of technology: I can lift the lid and be typing inside of fifteen seconds which, for a writer, is a work of genius because when an idea hits you it needs to be on the page (screen) instantly or it's gone forever. If you've never used one, I'd urge you to try one right away. Oh, did I mention the awesome battery life? Eight hours at least on a single charge. I can take it away for the weekend and not worry about taking the bulky charger. Amazing.